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Brian Nasajon

Executive Chef

A few fun facts about Brian:

Q) What is your favorite late night snack? A) Cotton candy grapes.

Q) Who first taught you how to cook? A) My mom.

Q) Favorite board game? A) Parcheesi.

Q) What is your cooking pet peeve? A) When people do not wipe down their station!

Q) Do you prefer regular or boneless wings? A) Regular.

Q) Beef or Chicken? A) Beef!

Q) Who is your biggest role-model? A) My father Tony Nasajon.

Q) If he could only eat one dish for the rest of his life what would it be? A) My family's signature wood grilled skirt steak.

Q) What is your favorite thing to cook? A) Anything braised.

Q) Dream Vacation? A) Thailand.