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Remyl Coleman

General Manager

Some fun facts about Remyl:

Q) What is your favorite thing to cook?  A) Halloumi & Pineapple.

Q) What does the fat kid in you like to eat? A) White Castle Cheeseburgers.

Q) Who first taught you how to cook? A) I just steal recipes from the chefs I work with!

Q) You can only eat one thing for the rest of you life. What is it? A) The Roman Burger from Mr. Heroes in Ohio.

Q) What is your favorite drink? A) Scotch (Neat).

Q) Where would you travel on a dream vacation? A) Tanzania.

Q) Do you prefer regular or boneless wings? A) Duck wings!

Q) If you could posses one superpower what would it be? A) The power to heal people.